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188 and in Serbian mythology, Diocletian is remembered as Dukljan, the adversary of God. Lactantius, De Mortibus Persecutorum.6,.1; Eusebius, Historia Ecclesiastica 8, sexjobs comnl a1, 3; Constantine, Oratio ad Coetum Sanctum 22; Barnes, Constantine and Eusebius, 19, 294. 100 On his return to the East, Diocletian managed what was probably another rapid campaign against the resurgent Sarmatians. Codex Justinianus.30.6; Barnes, New Empire, 52; Potter, 285, 650. Aurelian's achievements were ignored, the revolt of Carausius was backdated to the reign of Gallienus, and it was implied that the tetrarchs engineered Aurelian's defeat of the Palmyrenes ; the period between Gallienus and Diocletian was effectively erased. Under this ' tetrarchy or "rule of four each emperor would rule over a quarter-division of the empire. Barnes, Constantine and Eusebius, 6; Southern, 136.

Penalties are laid out for various pricing transgressions. Barnes, Constantine and Eusebius, 4; Bowman, "Diocletian and the First Tetrarchy" ( CAH 68; Williams, 3536. Bowman, "Diocletian and the First Tetrarchy" (CAH 7071; Corcoran, "Before Constantine 40; Liebeschuetz, 23552, 24043; Odahl, 4344; Williams, 5859. He died on 3 December 312. Deep in despair and illness, Diocletian may have committed suicide. " Iulianus (. Meanwhile, Diocletian built forts north of the Danube, 127 at Aquincum ( Budapest, Hungary Bononia ( Vidin, Bulgaria Ulcisia Vetera, Castra Florentium, Intercisa ( Dunajváros, Hungary and Onagrinum ( Bege, Serbia). The New Empire of Diocletian and Constantine.

"The Denarius and Sestertius in Diocletian's Coinage Reform". The Social and Economic History of the Roman Empire.

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