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to move to that position. When Miss Trunchbull throws the newt onto a ceiling light, the close-up of it clearly shows it to be made of rubber. Wormwood is shown walking out of the hospital shortly after giving birth to Matilda. So, you need a Matilda to pack it all. On Matilda's first day of school when the Trunchbull comes out of the doors, Matilda runs to hide in a gap in the walls where she meets Lavender and Hortensia.

As a child, Miss Honey had a doll named Lissy Doll. Then after she says "Who's got a pen? In the scene where the newt jumps on Miss Trunchbull, you can see the math problems are perfectly written on the chalkboard before Miss Trunchbull backs into the board. When Matilda levitates the water pitcher to show Miss Honey her powers, the shadow of the water pitcher is still where it should be if it were sitting on the tabletop. Wilson's mother passed away during the production of the film. The pockets sexdate parkeerplaats are sewn on the corners, leaving a center channel capable of carrying.g. (This isn't really a mistake, as the memory of a character isn't supposed to be accurate.) Right before the scene with the newt and the Trunchbull, Lavender is clearly seen filling the pitcher with water before dumping the entire contents of the jar (including the. She and Harry sign the adoption papers that would allow Miss Honey to adopt Matilda. But when it falls into a pupil's hands, it's a real newt again.

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