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Sexdate game

sexdate game

"Ultimate date" kiss her hand thank her and smile ask what she does for a living ask her what she does for fun offer her champagne ask if she likes strawberries gently touch her face invite to sofa hold. Trial and error was inevitable but still shes amazing! Razor26 2013.06.29 i love how to play this, awesome! My favorite along with Eleanor. Lots of options with nice animation and Emily looks super sexy, definitely need more games with her in them. Cant get past the tequila part. DavideG 2015.01.29 Sexy girl, great graphics, and amazing scenes Sportkissen 2015.01.20 another little game i really like. It is in my top 10 dragoon1976 2012.12.29 this game is cool and the girl is hot SCP173 2012.12.28 Possibly my favorite game, very enjoyable. Sooo bad u know molenstein 2012.02.18 Great gameplay, great graphics, and great animations.

Planb 2012.07.15 Well st so far clivesinger1986 2012.07.14 Her shyness made this game all the more exciting. D Nazgul62 2014.10.14 Very nice game with good graphics. Love the animation in this. Insanely pretty, and the whole premise for the scene was excellently done, didnt come across slutty, but believable, which was great.

sexdate game

Still good, just not my favorite.
Im not entirely sure why, because Megan is a very sweet character.
I also like the tan lines a lot.
I wasnt aware that was a thing for.
The sex scenes should have been with more actions like anime 3d movies to get a bether feeling insted of using the mouse all the time in the good parts.

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Bigguyami 2012.04.05 Very very very hot game. Hottest game on this site in my opinion. mmmva697 2012.02.21 Exellent game btw does anyone know were the kelly thing ends ps This girl is soo hot lol Nemo2222 2012.02.20 Like most of the lesson of passion games, very well done. Works perfectly adventurer 2013.03.16 woow emily has the body. Prowizzles 2014.08.11 wow this girl has the most gorgeous body ever cottencandy 2014.08.11 i love this game its so hot, im on it all the time pseeker1234 2014.08.10 one of the best. Emily is especially arousing and intelligent, Brian is rather dull- witted in his conversation, and the animation was of mixed quality, with the shavubg sequence being quite visually interesting. Sharkthc 2017.03.28 could be better with some videos, but, i like the game IAmGreat159 2017.03.13 This is one of my favourite games on this Lucifer1815 2017.02.26 Amazing graphics and story line, absolutely loved. Nice dialog by the way jobbe1980 2012.03.02 I love this game. Solren12 2012.02.28 I like this game because emily is very hot. It entertains many adult like. Tay688 2012.12.11 i love this game so much!

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